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Contemplations CD Cover


Just released, our second commercial CD, Contemplations, explores the repertoire of early German baroque sacred music by Dietrich Buxtehude and Heinrich Schütz.

Please contact info@voicescapes.ca for more information and to order your copy today! CDs are $20 each. For the purchase of 5 or more CDs, the price goes down to $17 each - this option only available through VoiceScapes directly.

Track Listing

    Heinrich Schütz (1585 - 1672)
  1. Rorate coeli desuper, SWV 322 (JH, CJ, PG)
  2. Schaffe in mir Gott ein reines Herz, SWV 291 (JH, JF)
  3. O Herr hilf, SWV 292 (CJ, JH, JF)
  4. Wann unsre Augen schlafen ein, SWV 316 (CJ, PG)
  5. Wir gläuben all an einen Gott, SWV 303 (JH, CJ, JF, PG)
  6. Deitrich Buxtehude (1637 - 1707)

  7. Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist, BuxWV 208
  8. from Membra Jesu Nostri, BuxWV 75

  9. I. Ad pedes
    II. Ad genua
    III. Ad manus
    VII. Ad faciem
    VoiceScapes: Christina Jahn, Julie Harris; Jerald Fast, Paul Grindlay
    and guest musicians: Paul Luchkow, Concertmaster; Christopher Bagan, Julie Crouch, Aoife Donnelly, Jennifer Geisbrecht, Olena Kilchyk, Andrea Neumann, Leonard Ratzlaff, Timothy Shantz, Kathleen Warke

For more detailed information and translations see below.

Movement listing for Membra Jesu Nostri, BuxWV 75
I. Ad pedes - To his feet
1. Sonata
2. Ecce super montes
3. (a) Salve mundi salutare (CJ)
(b) Clavos pedum (JH)
(c) Dulcis Jesu (PG)
4. Ecce super montes
5. Salve mundi salutare (JF)
II. Ad genua - To his Knees
6. Sonata in tremulo
7. Ad ubera portabimini
8. (a) Salve Jesu, rex sanctorum (JF)
(b) Quid sum tibi responsurus (AD)
(c) Ut te quaeram mente pura (CJ; JH; PG)
9. Ad ubera portabimini
III. Ad manus - To his Hands
10. Sonata
11. Quid sunt plagae istae (JC; KW; JG; TS; LR)
12. (a) Salve Jesu, pastor bone (JH)
(b) Manus sanctae, vos amplector (CJ)
(c) In cruore tuo lotum (AD; JF; PG)
13. Quid sunt plagae istae (JC;KW; JG; TS; LR)
VII. Ad faciem - To his Face
26. Sonata
27. Illustra faciem tuam
28. (a) Salve caput cruentatum (AD; JF; PG)
(b) Dum me mori est necesse (AD)
(c) Cum me jubes emigrare

Soprano: Christina Jahn, Julie Harris, Julie Crouch, Kathleen Warke
Alto: Aoife Donnelly, Jennifer Giesbrecht
Tenor: Jerald Fast, Timothy Shantz
Bass: Paul Grindlay, Leonard Ratzlaff
Concertmaster: Paul Luchkow; Andrea Neumann, violin; Olena Kilchyk, cello; Christopher Bagan, organ and harpsichord


Rorate coeli desuper, SWV 322
Rorate coeli desuper et nubes pluant justum, aperiatur terra et germinet Salvatorem.
Drop down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation.

Schaffe in mir, Gott
Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz; und gib mir einen neuen gewissen Geist. Verwirf mich nicht von deinem Angesicht; und nimm deinen heiligen Geist nicht von mir. Tröste mich wieder mit deiner Hilfe, Und der freudige Geist enthalte mich.
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy presence from me. Restore unto me the joy of they salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

O Herr hilf, SWV 297
O Herr hilf, laß wohl gelingen. Gelobet sei, der da kommt im Namen des Herren. Hosianna in der Höhe.
O Lord help, let us succeed. Praised be him who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.

Wann unsre Augen schlafen ein
Wann unsre Augen schlafen ein, So laß das Herz doch wacker sein, Halt über uns dein rechte Hand, Daß wir nicht fallen in Sünd und Schand.
When our eyes go to sleep, let the heart remain awake; Hold your right hand over us, So that we don't succomb to sin and shame.

Wir gläuben all an einen Gott, SWV 303
Wir gläuben all an einen Gott, Schöpfer Himmels und der Erden, der sich zum Vater geben hat, daß wir seine Kinder werden. Er will uns allzeit ernähren, Leib und Seel auch wohl bewahren, allem Unfall will er wehren, kein Leid soll uns widerfahren. Er sorget für uns, hüt't und wacht, es steht alles in seiner Macht.
We all believe in one God, Maker of heaven and earth, Who gave himself to the Father, That we could become his children. He will always nourish us, Body and soul he will save, All mishaps will he stave off, No harm shall come to us. He provides for us, protects and watches, Everything remains in his power.


Ad Pedes
Ecce super montes pedes evangelizantis et annuntiantis pacem.
Salve mundi salutare, Salve, salve Jesu care! Cruci tuae me aptare Vellem vere, tu scis quare, Da mihi tui copiam.
Clavos pedum, plagas duras Et tam graves impressuras Circumplector cum affectu. Tuo pavens in aspectu, Tuorum memor vulnerum.
Dulcis Jesu, pie Deus, Ad te clamo, licet reus: Praebe mihi te benignum, Ne repellas me indignum De tuis sanctis pedibus.

To His Feet
Behold, on the mountains the feet of him who brings good tidings, who proclaims peace.
Greetings, saviour of the world, Greetings, beloved Jesus! I should like to hang with you on your cross. Verily you know why; Give me your strength.
The nails in your feet, the hard strokes And the severe weals - Full of emotion, I embrace them, Full of anxiety at the sight of you, Bearing your wounds in mind.
Sweet Jesus, merciful God, I call to you, though I be guilty: Show yourself in mercy to me, Do not reject me, unworthy, From your holy feet.

Ad Genua
Ad ubera portabimini, et super genua blandicentur vobis.
Salve Jesu, rex sanctorum, Spes votiva peccatorum, Crucis ligno tanquam reus, Pendens homo, verus Deus, Caducis nutans genibus!
Quid sum tibit responsurus, Actu vilis, corde durus? Quid rependam amatori, Qui elegit pro me mori, Ne dupla morte morerer?
Ut te quaeram mente pura, Sit haec mea prima cura, Non est labor nec gravabor: Sed sanabor et mundabor, Cum te complexus fuero.

To his Knees
You shall be carried upon her hip, and dandled upon her knee.
Greetings, Jesus, king of the saints, Thou welcome hope for the sinner, Hanging on the wood of the cross, Like a gulity man, yet the true God, Bending with doomed knees.
How should I answer you, Feeble of action, hard of heart? How should I repay your love, You who chose to die for me, That I might not suffer a twofold death?
To seek you with a pure spirit - May that be my primary concern, It is neither troublesome nor arduous for me, Because I shall become whole and pure Upon embracing you.

Ad Manus
Quid sunt plagae istae in medio manuum tuarum?
Salve Jesu, pastor bone, Fatigatus in agone, Qui per lignum es distractus Et ad lignum es compactus Expansis sancits manibus.
Manus sanctae, vos amplector Et gemendo condelector, Grates ago plagis tantis, Clavis duris, guttis sanctis, Dans lacrimas cum osculis.
In cruore tuo lotum Me commendo tibi totum, Tuae sanctae manus istae Me defendant, Jesu Christe, Extremis in periculis.

To His Hands
What are these wounds in thy hands?
Greetings, Jesus, good shepherd, Exhausted from your struggle with death, Tormented by the wood, And affixed to the wood By your outstretched, holy hands.
Holy hands, I embrace you, And, lamentingly, I take pleasure in you, I give thanks for these severe blows, For the terrible nails and the holy drops of blood, I kiss you while weeping.
Moistened by your blood I entrust myself wholly unto you; May your holy hands Protect me, Jesus Christ, In my last hour of need.

Ad faciem
Illustra faciem tuam super servum tuum; salvum me fac in misericordia tua.
Salve, caput cruentatum, Totum spinis coronatum, Conquassatum, vulneratum. Arundine verberatum, Facie sputis illita.
Dum me mori est necesse, Noli mihi tunc deesse. In termenda mortis hora Veni, Jesu, absque mora, Tuere me et libera!
Cum me jubes emigrare, Jesu care, tunc appare, O amator amplectende, Temet ipsum tunc ostende In cruce salutifera.

To His Face
Let thy face shine on thy servant; save me in thy steadfast love.
Greetings, head daubed in blood, Entirely crowned with thorns, Disfigured and covered in wounds, Struck with the cane, The face spat upon and soiled.
If, then, I must die, Do not stay far away from me In the anxious hour of death Come, Jesus, without delay, Protect me and liberate me!
If you cause me to go away, Dear Jesus, then appear to me, O lover whom I wish to embrace, Then show yourself to me On the cross that brings salvation.

Christmastide CD Cover

Our first commercial CD, Christmastide features the four core singers of VoiceScapes (Christina Jahn, Julie Harris, Jerald Fast & Paul Grindlay) with four other guest singers (Julie Freedman Smith, Erin Thrall, Jeffrey Jones & Wes Nickel) and guitarist, Ralph Maier, in a delightful selection of carols old and new. From intimate duets to double choir selections, this CD is perfect music to help you celebrate the Christmas season!

Please contact info@voicescapes.ca for more information and to order your copy today! CDs are $20 each. For the purchase of 5 or more CDs, the price goes down to $17 each - this option only available through VoiceScapes directly.

Review of Christmastide
"VoiceScapes is a scintillating Calgary-based quartet created in 2000 by two couples. Christmastide, it's first CD is a sparkling transversal, occasionally accompanied by guitar, organ, or recorder, of 21 songs for Christmas. Deftly ranging from the 14th century to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies the festive booklet includes the text of each song, and a remarkable recording places the musicians squarely into one listening room."
- from The Magic Flute's "Flute Notes", December 2004

Track Listing

  1. Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht! (Franz Xaver Gruber)
  2. Quelle est cette odeur agréable? (arr, H.Keyte & A. Parrot)
  3. Quem pastores laudavere (arr. John Rutter)
  4. Ave Maria (Andrew Ager)
  5. There is no Rose (John Joubert)
  6. A Hymn to the Virgin (Benjamin Britten)
  7. Gabriel’s Message (Eleanor Daley)
  8. Vom Himmel hoch, da komm’ ich her (arr. M. Praetorius / arr. J.S.Bach)
  9. The Fader of Heven (Peter Maxwell Davies)
  10. O Jesulein süß (arr. J.S. Bach)
  11. O du fröhliche! (arr. James Fast)
  12. In dulci jubilo (arr. R.L. de Pearsall)
  13. Resonet in laudibus (15th century)
  14. Lullay, lullow: I saw a swete semly syght (15th century)
  15. Coventry Carol (from the Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors)
  16. Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen (arr. M. Praetorius)
  17. An Earthly Tree A Heavenly Fruit (William Byrd)
  18. Thou Shalt Know Him (Mark Sirett)
  19. Gloucestershire Wassail (arr. H.Keyte & A.Parrott)
  20. Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (arr. James Fast)
  21. Ding dong! merrily on high (arr. James Fast)

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